Ice dancing originally evolved from ballroom dance, and the compulsory dances (aka pattern dance) still emulate popular ballroom dances like the waltz, tango, cha cha, foxtrot, and swing; and also include more popular dance styles including the two step and blues!

Our Thursday Night Dance Session is what's called a Program Dance Session and concentrates on these compulsory dances (aka pattern dances) of which there are 34 dances spread across 8 Levels from Preliminary to Gold, and International.

Unlike ballroom dancing, Ice dancing can be done solo or with a partner. In addition to just skating them for fun, you can also choose to test and/or compete in ice dance - solo or partnered.

No, you don't!  Ice dance can be done solo or partnered, whether skating for fun, testing or competing. 

An Ice Dance Session, sometimes referred to a Program Dance Session, is a session where there is a set program of compulsory dances is played. There are no jumps, spins, or moves in the field allowed on the session. Our current playlist includes all the dances from Preliminary through Gold, and a few of the Internationals.

Download our current Ice Dance Session Playlist

Pattern/Compulsory Dance list, levels and patterns - click here

There are some basic rules to keep our Ice Dance Session safe and fun for everyone!

  • No Freestyle or Moves in the Field.  This is an Ice Dance Session.
  • The dancers skating the called dance have the right of way.  You must try to stay out of their way - so pay attention to the dance that has been called, and stay close to the boards if you're not skating it.
  • If you're not doing the dance and someone yells "Boards" - get by the boards.
  • Be aware that dances can start at BOTH ends of the rink.  Watch for skaters that might have started the called dance from the other end.
  • When starting a Dance there is a starting order:
    • Partnered Dancers In a Lesson
    • Solo Dancers in a Lesson
    • Partnered Dancers
    • Solo Dancers
  • If you want to learn a dance - follow someone who knows it!  Be sure to ask first so they know you're there.
  • If you have a question - just ask!

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