Olga was born in Russia. She was trained in a ballet academy under the supervision of the legendary ballet dancer, teach and choreographer V. Chabukiany. She graduated with honors and earned a Bachelor's degree of Fine Art in dance. Olga was accepted to a classical ballet company of Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Paliashvili where she performed for 11 years. She danced in all the ballet productions and toured with the company in many European countries. In the United States, Olga has learned modem dance, worked with different choreographers and performed in small dance companies. For almost 20 years now she has been teaching figure skaters. Her emphasis is on a student's posture, arms, flexibility and artistry, with in her opinion is important for a good skater. Olga's students have competed in U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Junior Nationals, World Championships and in the Olympics.